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Hanson Electronics is accepting applications for full or part time employment at their 3 store locations.

Responsibilities Include:
- Provide exceptional customer service in all situations.
- Process sales and trouble shoot customer issues.
- Merchandise and maintain and store appearance.
- Assume additional responsibilities as employment continues.

- Valid Drivers License
- High School Diploma or GED. (High School aged Students may be considered for Part Time
- Working knowledge of Cellular Phones and related products.
- Working knowledge of Consumer Electronics including Computers, TV’s and audio/video
equipment is a plus.
- Ability to use Computers and web based applications.
- Able to work weekends and nights as needed.
- Can lift 40 pounds without assistance.


Bonus Qualifications:
- Computer IT and/or repair skills.
- Cellphone and/or consumer electronic equipment repair skills.
- Previous Sales experience.


Benefits Include:
- Base hourly pay with performance incentives.
- Vacation and Holiday pay
- Retirement plan with matching contributions
- Health and Dental plans with Company contribution
- Flexible hours


For those interested in a position, please send your resume to danh@hansonelectronics.net