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Hanson Electronics' expert technicians will guide you to the correct computer that will fit your needs. We offer computers from many trusted brands in stock and hundreds available a only day away! Our expert technicians can also set up your new computer, so you're ready to go from day one... and we'll even transfer files from your old computer to your new one!


Is your computer running slow or not at all? Hanson Electronics is your hometown computer repair center! We can clean viruses and malware, diagnose and replace broken hardware, and speed up your computer so it's running like new. Among the many services we offer, we are your convenient hometown shop for: 

  • Diagnosing hardware and software problems

  • Repairing your operating system

  • Setting up your new computer

  • Backing up and transferring your files

  • Installing and configuring programs

  • Much, much more!


Can't be without your computer for more than a couple days? We've got you covered. Hanson Electronics will come to you! We can assist you with: 

  • Hooking up your new computer

  • Setting up your home wireless network

  • Configuring your home printer

  • Hands-on computer training

  • Backing up and transferring your files

  • Installing and configuring programs

Own a business and need business-class support? Let Hanson Electronics be your local technology consultant! We understand the needs of modern businesses, and we can get you into the 21st century! From on-site support to consulting and training, we're your local, reliable choice for information technology needs.